Soundpro Wideband™ Corded Headset

Siracom Telephones -Sydney & Bowral

Monaural Headset with Noise-cancelling Microphone

Product Price $145.00 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Wideband Audio for crystal-clear conversations every time

Wideband frequency range: 100 Hz to 10 KHZ
Monaural (one-ear) & Binaural Headset (two-ear) styles available

Leatherette ear cushions for extra comfort

Foam ear cushions also available (sold separately)

All-day durability thanks to robust design
QD (Quick Disconnect) cable
QD cable allows you to move away from your desk without having to remove your headset every time

Select from QD cables compatible with Soundpro and Plantronics bottom curly cords
Voice Tube & Noise-cancelling microphone styles available

Flexible boom arm can be adjusted to suit the user

Versatile adjustment for use on left or right ear (applicable to monaural headset only)
Works with traditional desk-phones

This is a headset top only and requires a bottom curly cord to connect to your telephone (purchased separately).

Optimised for contact centre use
Acoustic Protection
Provides the highest protection of any corded headset when combined with the Soundshield 4G Acoustic Protection device

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