Jabra Speak 510 UC Audio

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Engineered to be unplugged.
Portable USB and Bluetooth® speakerphone.

Product Price $154.90 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Take your conference room anywhere, at any time.
The Jabra Speak 510 is a portable speakerphone that gives you the
power to turn any room into a conference room. Regardless of your
location and your timeline, you can now join the conversation
anytime, anywhere.
Slim and compact design.
Get the perfect solution for audio conferencing on demand, with a
compact and lightweight design, integrated USB cable management
for quick set-up, and a protective travel case.
Plug and Play solution
Plug in your USB cable or connect via Bluetooth®, and simply connect
Jabra Speak to your PC, tablet or smartphone. That’s it. You’re ready
to dial in.
Outstanding sound quality
Enjoy get crystal-clear and natural sounding calls that allow
attendees to hear and speak clearly across any location.




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