Jabra Motion UC Bluetooth Headset

Siracom Telephones -Sydney & Bowral

Connects to PC, Mobile & Tablet
Up to 8 hours talk time
100 metre wireless rang

Product Price $335.00 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Connects to
PC / Mac, Mobile or Tablet via the Bluetooth connection
Caller Information
Get incoming caller information
Wireless Bluetooth Range
Up to 100 metres wireless Bluetooth range
Pairing Mode
Automatically enter ‘pairing mode’ the first time you turn it on
Call Controls
Volume and mute via physical control buttons
Auto Off
Automatically turns off after you stop using it
Auto On
Automatically turns on when you pick it up (headset) or start your car (speakerphone)
Power Nap
When idle, the headset goes into a “power nap” mode and consumes almost no battery
Wideband audio

Demo voice messages on hold –

ensure your speakers are on click the image.

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