Escene Handset ES220

NBN Solution Facilitator

Are you having a problem with your NBN modem or phone line?
We can help.
Step  1. Coming on site to solve the issue
Step  2 . Liaise with Telstra to solve issue while on site with you so we have your authorization to act on your behalf.
Step  3. We can rearrange the wiring in your property so that your existing phones can work on the NBN modem.

Feature Highlights:
HD Voice: HD Codec
Support unified maintenance and auto upgrade
Support Plug and Play
Enterprise Phone Book
Support PSTN interface
Support Headset interface
Support PoE and AC power adapter

Product Price $89.00 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Escene ES220-PN is a anffordable IP phone. It has features that unique, functional, practical, clear voice. It coordinate with VOIP platform realize powerful phone functions, such as call forwarding, hotline (immediately/delay), conference, voicemail, do not disturb and so on.
Moreover, ES220-PN is equipped with DSPG chip, HD encoding (g. 722), to provide users with a unique, vivid audio experience, rich in call center function greatly improve the working efficiency.

Demo voice messages on hold –

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