Escene Handset ES220

Siracom Telephones -Sydney & Bowral

Feature Highlights:
HD Voice: HD Codec
Support unified maintenance and auto upgrade
Support Plug and Play
Enterprise Phone Book
Support PSTN interface
Support Headset interface
Support PoE and AC power adapter

Product Price $89.00 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Escene ES220-PN is a anffordable IP phone. It has features that unique, functional, practical, clear voice. It coordinate with VOIP platform realize powerful phone functions, such as call forwarding, hotline (immediately/delay), conference, voicemail, do not disturb and so on.
Moreover, ES220-PN is equipped with DSPG chip, HD encoding (g. 722), to provide users with a unique, vivid audio experience, rich in call center function greatly improve the working efficiency.

Demo voice messages on hold –

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