Escene Handset DS622

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Attractive and full of scientific and technological sense appearance, clear voice make calls more comfortable, rich function buttons make operation easier. Achieving the speed by setting the call contact, a button to switch PSTN and soft-switch IP network call, 4.3”HD LCD screen provides an intuitive user-friendly interface, it can display more rich content, and also can use Extensible Markup Language (XML) WEB-based information browse the server to extend more business, intelligent applications.

Product Description

Dual-Mode (VoIP and PSTN) interfaces:
It’s high-availability so that you can connect into PSTN and VoIP network simultaneously.
4.3”480×272 Pixels HD LCD
Customizable Screen
HD Voice: HD Codec
Advanced Call capability:
Escene Communication
DS622 IP-Phone
8 VoIP Line/programmable buttons (dual-colors LED) and support BLF in programmable buttons, 1 PSTN Line button (dual-colors LED)
Expansion Module:
Up to 6 EMS32 expansion modules and 192 programmable buttons, BLF supported
Extensible Markup Language(XML)
Support PoE and AC power adapter

Demo voice messages on hold –

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