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he Newest Model From Engenius – SN901 Durafon – Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone.
SN901 BASE + SN902HC Durafon Industrial Handset

Product Price $995.00 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Product Concept:1-Line, Digital Long Range Cordless,
General feature
Cordless Handset with Speaker-phone
Market Segment:Industrial Location
Frequency Band:915MHz ~ 928MHz
Flash time 100-900 m/secs programmable
Range: Up to 10Km line of sight
Frequency hopping SST
Compatible with SP922FH
50 entry phonebook
30 CID memory with Time/Date (FSK & DTMF type)
CID with call waiting (CIDCW)
Last 10 calls redial on handset
Find handset page feature.
ACMA compliant
Advanced Features
Number of Expandable Handsets:9
Number of Expandable Bases:4
Single Color LCD (with white backlight)
Intercom/Broadcast between handsets
Selectable Ring & Page Tones:8
Handset with speaker-phone function
Handset with scrolling keys
Two-way hands-free intercom
Handset Custom Name Editable
LCD and handset with backlit keypad
Auto detection of FSK and DTMF CID signal

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