Engenius Durafon SIP

NBN Solution Facilitator

Are you having a problem with your NBN modem or phone line?
We can help.
Step  1. Coming on site to solve the issue
Step  2 . Liaise with Telstra to solve issue while on site with you so we have your authorization to act on your behalf.
Step  3. We can rearrange the wiring in your property so that your existing phones can work on the NBN modem.

The EnGenius Long Range Cordless Telephone provides mobility and communication in demanding business environments including (but not limited to): Nurseries, Car and Truck Rental Lots, Storage Facilities, Caravan Parks, Farms, Marinas, and other Large Campus environments.

Product Price $2,995.00 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Works with all popular IPBX Systems
Can be used as a hosted system.
Okay for multi-base set up behind PBX Systems
Durable, Long-Range SIP Cordless Phone System
Up to 12 Floors In-Building Penetration, 250,000 M2 of Facility Coverage, 20,000 hectares of Property, Open Land Coverage*
Base Supports up to Four (4) Concurrent Calls (4-SIP OR 3-SIP+1-PSTN)
Works with any IP-PBX that Supports the Standard SIP Protocol
Independent 2-Way Intercom
“Push-to-Talk” (PTT) Broadcast Feature
Proven Durability with Ruggedized Design
The Durafon SIP supports up to 10 SIP accounts as well as a PSTN line.
Direct In-dial the 1-10 cordless handsets.
The SP935 can be used as a multi base solution behind an IPBX System.
Standard or Industrial handset option

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