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The EnGenius Long Range Cordless Telephone provides mobility and communication in demanding business environments including (but not limited to): Nurseries, Car and Truck Rental Lots, Storage Facilities, Caravan Parks, Farms, Marinas, and other Large Campus environments.

Product Price $2,995.00 Enq 0418 424 969

Product Description

Works with all popular IPBX Systems
Can be used as a hosted system.
Okay for multi-base set up behind PBX Systems
Durable, Long-Range SIP Cordless Phone System
Up to 12 Floors In-Building Penetration, 250,000 M2 of Facility Coverage, 20,000 hectares of Property, Open Land Coverage*
Base Supports up to Four (4) Concurrent Calls (4-SIP OR 3-SIP+1-PSTN)
Works with any IP-PBX that Supports the Standard SIP Protocol
Independent 2-Way Intercom
“Push-to-Talk” (PTT) Broadcast Feature
Proven Durability with Ruggedized Design
The Durafon SIP supports up to 10 SIP accounts as well as a PSTN line.
Direct In-dial the 1-10 cordless handsets.
The SP935 can be used as a multi base solution behind an IPBX System.
Standard or Industrial handset option

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