DV 38 Telephone System

NBN Solution Facilitator

Are you having a problem with your NBN modem or phone line?
We can help.
Step  1. Coming on site to solve the issue
Step  2 . Liaise with Telstra to solve issue while on site with you so we have your authorization to act on your behalf.
Step  3. We can rearrange the wiring in your property so that your existing phones can work on the NBN modem.

Standard 4 Lines (Maximum 38) – PSTN (max 12 lines)

Product Description

Standard 4 Lines (Maximum 38) – PSTN (max 12 lines)
ISDN 2 (max 12 lines)
ISDN 10/20/30 or IP Card
Standard 8 Extensions (Maximum 26)
Mixture of 24 Key phones, 2 Standard Telephones, Cordless and Mobile Extensions.

Demo voice messages on hold –

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