BlueJeans Huddle Kit

NBN Solution Facilitator

Are you having a problem with your NBN modem or phone line?
We can help.
Step  1. Coming on site to solve the issue
Step  2 . Liaise with Telstra to solve issue while on site with you so we have your authorization to act on your behalf.
Step  3. We can rearrange the wiring in your property so that your existing phones can work on the NBN modem.

A Huddle Room in a Box
Interactive, two-way video
High Definition Video and Audio
BlueJeans Huddle license required

Product Description

Intel NUC
Get ready to be astonished by what small can do. Intel NUC gives you the performance of a desktop PC with a 6th generation Intel Core I% processor in a 4-inch square package. Now you don’t need a tower to experience the thrill of gaming with your friends or the heart-stopping excitement of streaming the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The Intel NUC: all the power without the tower
Revolabs FLX500 Speaker
The Revolabs FLXTM UC 500 provides the solution for enterprise communications. Combining the best technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing, the UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for your communication needs. It provides “Best in Class” audio performance, changing the price/performance paradigm in this space.
The Logitech Webcam C930e features the widest-ever field-of-view in a business webcam — 90-degrees — and is the first with HD 1080p H.264/SVC UVC 1.5 encoding; the newest technology that frees up PC bandwidth with on-camera video-processing. With pan, tilt and zoom functions and RightLight™ 2 technology, this webcam delivers the most professional desktop video collaboration experience yet.
Apple iPad Mini 2
iPad mini is incredibly powerful and capable. The powerful and power-efficient A7 chip with 64-bit architecture makes everything remarkably responsive, while still delivering up to 10 hours of battery life.

Demo voice messages on hold –

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