Siracom is now in its 29 th year of operations, still going strong and increasing in our product range.
Our success is due to our uncompromising quality of service and dedication to resolve any issues, and in so doing we have achieved an unmatched customer satisfaction.

Siracom’s mission statement “strive to keep at the edge of technology, entering new boundaries without hesitation”
Our services are provided in NSW and include products such as Headsets, Call recorders, voicemails with unified messaging to your email address and SMS.
Siracom Telephones can liase with diverse carriers for all your communication needs,
from: landlines,PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN10,20,30 or Multi Lines, mobiles and broadbands.
We specialise in: New installations, relocations upgrading, expanding or computer network cabling (cat 5, 6 ) and ethernet switching with complete patch panels and cabinets.

A business needs to change

Along with changes in order to survive, this is also true with telephone systems. The introduction of the internet in the world scene has also forced the introduction of IP phone systems on the market with SIP Trunking (Voip lines) to make voice calls as an addition to the traditional PSTN (Analogue lines) and ISDN(digital lines such as BRI and PRI).

When a business looks at upgrading their phone system, they should first look at what their needs are before rushing into purchasing their voice switching system. For example does the company in question have more than one site and do all the sites need to be connected together as far as voice communication goes? if the answer is yes then an IP phone system would be ideal, since one system can run all the sites through the use of the internet, but a couple of warnings to consider:

Firstly -do you have enough bandwidth to run voice and data transmission?
If you don’t everything will slow down and the voice quality will be poor, If it will work at all. Secondly if your internet connection is down you will lose connection to the other sites and if you are primarily using SIP Trunking (Voip Lines) to make you voice calls, that will also be down and you business will be totally isolated from the rest of the world.
The solution to these problems makes sure that each site has access to traditional telephone lines with the switching system backed by a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) which will allow your switching system to continue connecting you to the external world even if you internet or power are down.